South Korean Star Park Tae-hwan dope problems and 2016 Olympic Perspectives

Famous South Korean swimmer two times World Champion and Beijing Olympics Gold Medal holder Park Tae-hwan was committed taking dopes.

Representatives of an athlete say he’s shocked by the statement, because he had no idea of what’s happening. They mentioned he was healed in a clinic last year and a doctor made him a shot that allegedly contained some of the forbidden elements. This way, he got a positive drug test result. Doctor says he had no idea that medicine contained some forbidden element either.

South Korean Olympic Committee stated a rule that one who was committed taking dopes would not be called into national team within three years after suspension ends. This way, Park Tae-hwan would not be able to take part in Olympic Games in Rio.

“This rule might be changed in order to let Olympic Champion of 2008 in 400-meter free style swimming Park Tae-hwan, who’s suspended for taking a dope can take part in Rio de Janeiro Olympics,” South Korean Swimming Federation President Lee Kee-Khyn said.

It was announced that anti-dope committee of FINA (Fédération internationale de natation) suspended Park Tae-hwan because of taking forbidden drug for 18 months. Suspension starts at September 3rd, 2014 and ends up on May 2nd, 2016. Anti-dope committee also mentioned that all results of the swimmer after September 3rd are now nullified and all medals are taken off. Summer Olympic Games in Rio will be held in August, 2016.

“First of all, Park should apologize. Then, we will take a seat and negotiate the situation before to discuss our further step. As soon as suspension ends, we would discuss possible changes to the rules of calling into National Olympic team from the point of National intrests,” said Lee Kee-Khyn.

This way, if Park Tae-hwan will not take part in Olympics in Rio, he would have to wait until next Olympics in 2020.

Except the Golden Medal in Beijing Olympics, Park Tae-hwan also won a Silver medal in 200-meter free style run over there. Four years later in London (back in 2012) he got two Silver medals in the same disciplines. Moreover, Park is a two times World Champion.

But this is not the only story about Park. That’s pretty much why even the committee is not sure whether to rewrite the rules for the guy or not. There were a few other mistakes from a guy, so they are afraid him to fail again.

Experience of Park Tae-hwan was quite mysterious. In qualification 400 meters free style run on the first day of Olympics was nullified because of the breakaway. Even prior to that case, swimmer was disqualified in Athens back in 2004 because of some jumping violations. You may wonder what is mysterious here? Referee decided to let him take part in a final after he watched a video repeat.

Some say, judges were unlikely to let such a young genius jump over his head too early, but others insist he was really cheating. In either way, we’ll see what committee decides in less than half a year.

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