FALCON- Lightest Road Bike In The World!

The weight of the bike is a serious concern for the cyclists. In any competitive event, the cyclists want to ride a bike which is very strong as well as very light. Considering that, today I am going to discuss about FALCON bikes which are very light (9.9 Kg) and strong to meet all of your riding requirements.

(This is best hybrid bikes for men of Falcon Brand)

Why Bikes Weight Is So Important?
A light weight bike is very important for the cyclists because they can take the advantage of its light weight and imply all their power to move forward rather that overcoming the deceiver inertia. For a cyclist, in a competitive event, the lighter bike is the better one.
For an irregular and less dedicated cyclist, many other factors play a vital role along with the weight of the bike like the fitness, outlook, the opportunity to upgrade the bikes with the speed etc.
Weight is sometimes considered for the upgrade of the bike to allow the rider more perfect aerodynamic position while riding. Thus the wind resistance can be eradicated in a great extent. If your bike is too lightweight, it will be very tough for you to maneuver it, especially when you have a high momentum or in a downhill road.
Why is Falcon Racing Bike?
Well, there is a thin line between smart lightweight bike and very light weight but useless speed star. The Falcon bikes are combined with both the features in a gentle mixture that made it one of the best bikes in the world.


Falcon Cr-Moly: A lightning Fast Racing Bike:
Falcon Cr-Moly comes with a 7005 alloy frame, very flexible CR-Moly Fork, comfortable alloy seat post, wide handlebar for less stress. The power gear range is 54-68t. The bike is very light weight of only 9.9 kg. The best price for this product in online is 599.00 Euro.


Hybrid Bikes:
Traditional racing bikes are made to roll as fast as possible to win the event. On the other hand hybrid bikes come with great combination of speed and traction and allow the cyclist maximum comfort in any kind of situation.
Hybrid bikes are usually lightweight and come with a variety range of gears to reduce the stress on your legs. Again, these bikes are capable of riding any kind of surfaces. Falcon hybrid bikes are capable of rolling over any kind of rough and uneven trails.

Advantage Of Falcon Racing Bikes:
Smaller Wheel:

Falcon racing bikes come with Alex D22 451 wheels and Kenda 451*1.0 tires. These wheels will allow you more control and let you maneuver easily while riding. Thus, you will sustain the ultimate control even you are pedaling through a rough terrain.

Aerodynamic Position:
While you are riding through a falcon racing bike, you have a better aerodynamic position where the air flow cannot eradicate your momentum. As your tire is smaller, you will get the advantage of less aerodynamic drags.

Falcon RT And Falcon RM: Piece of Excellence:

If you go through the online review, you will find the customer satisfaction level on falcon racing bikes. Let’s take you to an expert. The owner of Line Bicycle distributor, Zena Bratcher clearly emerged the main facilities of Falcon Road Racing Bikes. According to her comment, Falcon RT and Falcon RM racing bikes are lightweight but compact and the 700cc wheel gives them less friction and better momentum. The price is within everyone’s range and it can roll where ever you want.


If you compare Falcon Road racing bikes to the other available bike sin the present market, surely you will see that this is the best offer that you can have in this price.

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